Posted by: anonymous
2018-02-13 13:11:53
ID: 53251
In response to a confession. Seriously, where do you live? Teachers here are mandated to report and SUSPECTED cases of abuse and neglect. Abuse can take many forms, not all of which leave marks. If you have even gone through the bare minimum amount of training, you would know that. You would also know that reporting is completely anonymous. Heck, our state mandates that we take a "Recognizing Abuse and Neglect" continuing education class every, single year. It's the only required class we must repeat every year for a reason.
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-02-13 00:32:56
ID: 53248
In response to a confession. You should report everything no matter how small you think it is. I work very closely with DHS and building that evidence matters. They won't take it seriously if you call it in more than 24 hours later. Build that case. Also, you are a mandatory reporter so even if you didn't see the kid with the belt mark you knew about it and you are responsible for reporting that as well. If she was not reporting she was not doing her job.
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-02-12 19:22:35
ID: 53239
Shut the fuck up. shut the fuck up. shut the fuck up. For the love of CHRIST shut the fuck up. I swear if you keep fucking muttering to yourself I might punch you in the face. Get away from my desk. I hate you right in the face.
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-02-11 19:07:31
ID: 53216
It hasn't been reported yet because we don't have evidence. He has been at our school for a little over a week. All we have seen is that mom, who is in a difficult situation with a special needs child, doesn't seem to have parenting skills. I've seen her yell at him to stop hitting (me) and grab his hand to stop him from hitting her, and that's it. Once I thought I saw her start to raise her hand to him and stop herself, but that's not enough to have me call CPS. I can't call them and say "His mom's hand flinched slightly." So far it's just a hunch and a situation that we are keeping our eye on. I'm aware of my obligation as a mandated reporter. I have seen teachers fail to report and have leaned on them for it. A child came to school with a belt mark on his face, and his teacher didn't report until we demanded she report- for three days. That was unconscionable. The minute I see her hit him, or he says she does, or I see a mark, I will not hesitate to report.
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-02-11 14:57:45
ID: 53211
In response to a confession. If you and your principal think he may be abused at home why the hell haven't you reported it? Aside from the whole common decency and moral obligation to protect him, you are mandated reporters and legally required to report it. I am a teacher, and teachers who look the other way in suspected abuse cases make me furious and sick.
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-02-10 17:19:49
ID: 53172
My student had a good day today. He let the other kids hug him and wish him happy birthday. He didn't scratch me, bite me, or try to escape from the building!
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-02-10 01:36:38
ID: 53173
(Usually, if other students try to play with him, he pushes them or hits them in the face screaming GO AWAY! which makes our social skills groups interesting)
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-02-09 21:24:20
ID: 53152
There's this one woman who works for four of my clients. I issue her four different W2s every year. And the one client... wow, man, I don't know how she puts up with his shit AND all the rest of the jobs. And she does wildly different jobs at each place. And she's like sixty years old! She's smarter and cooler than three out of four of her employers.
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-02-09 05:52:41
ID: 53136
I put a colleague in charge of a big project. He keeps thanking me and saying how much he respects my skills. When I copied some higher-ups on the notes from our meeting, he got defensive and said "we" didn't want them interfering. Number one, I think he's full of shit about respecting me. I have no illusions about that. Number two, I wish I'd listened to my instincts. My first impression was that he was a mansplaining asshole, but when I heard how much experience he had, I gave him this. I'm starting to regret it. In the meeting he broke the first rule, which is talk less, listen more. He also is clearly egotistical and controlling. I started to write a snarky reply to his email, explaining why I did what I did, but I didn't send it. I'm not responding to him. Sometimes it's better to ignore.
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-02-09 05:47:18
ID: 53135
Every day he pats my hand and says, "Sad?" Every day! And then each time he says something different. Today he said, "...sad?" and I said, "A little." He said, "I give you medicine!" and pretended to give me a spoonful. He's so cute. My hand is infected though. :/ Yeah, he bit me today, but this is nothing compared to what the teachers in the middle and high school special ed classes experience, or people who work in mental health settings. He's doing this because he doesn't have the communication skills he needs. All behavior is communication.
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