Posted by: anonymous
2021-03-16 01:54:29
ID: 66788
So I'm dogsitting for someone who is here through the summer working on a film. She's not allowed to have her dog on set. She couldn't tell me the name of the movie that's being filmed here but she told me who the main star is. I don't want to say who it is, just in case. But, he's been a fav actor of mine since the 90s. The man does not age at all. She said I could meet him if I wanted to. As much as I would love to, I'm very awkward and my brain shuts down when I'm excited to meet someone. I declined. Maybe I'll change my mind later. I'm def going to tell her if he brings his dog(s), I'll watch them! I'm sure he has a personal assistant for that tho lol
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-03-16 01:21:12
ID: 66717
I have a co-worker who gets to use FMLA for heself and taking care of her mother. She constantly calls in. Most of my co-workers and myself are over it. I think she should just quit because all she does is upset the flow of the workload.
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-03-16 01:19:46
ID: 66749
I have a co-woprker who takes care of her parents besides working FT. Only problem is she gets to take FMLA for them and herself because has medical issues which causes her to call in A LOT. The rest of the staff is getting pissed off about it and I can't say I blame them. I admire her for taking care of then but also feel maybe she should quit if she can't make it to work that much.
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-03-13 21:01:14
ID: 66782
In response to a confession. My work anxiety has been super high lately too. Mainly because I feel like my company is trying to replace me (I've been well-assured from my boss that's not true) but I can't help but feeling like whenever there is a hiccup in any process, it comes down on me. There was a batch of product I had to custom formulate and it still failed specification after I custom formulated it due to the manufacturing team overfilling the capsules. I just hate how stressful my position is and I feel obligated to check email all the time whenever I take a day off. I've had to take a few extra days off unpaid this year on FMLA so that I can get a chronic health condition treated and I feel like stress just never ends.
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-03-12 15:29:24
ID: 66774
In response to a confession. Time to start working on my exit plan. I've complained here numerous times here (thanks for listening!. The work culture will ever improve. An honest nonprofit with a mission I love, but we'll always be underpaid, overworked, scrappy, etc.
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-03-11 15:45:07
ID: 66768
My work anxiety has been through the roof lately with an increase in workload. I can't seem to relax, working OT, and not doing any self-care. My heart races before bed, have work nightmares, and wake up not feeling rested at all.
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-03-11 01:20:56
ID: 66765
Last week I got an email from work: "On behalf of the xxx, I am happy to inform you that you have been selected as our next xxxxx! Please fill out this questionnaire by answering 8-9 questions, and provide 3-4 pictures of yourself/your life, and we will ....". I don't want to be a sourpuss, but I have no interest in working late answering questions, and I *certainly* don't want to dig through photos to find stuff that is work appropriate. So I wrote back "Thanks, but I'm too busy to accept your nomination". I just found out that they moved on to my coworker, who did everything they asked, only to find out that she also needs to write an essay as to why she deserves the award. She is completely stressed out, and going to spend the rest of the night working on this thing. I feel like I dodged a bullet. Honestly, if you want to recognize someone, why make them jump through hoops for it?
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-03-07 01:03:06
ID: 66754
My CW got pregnant right after she started working at our company and so doesn't qualify for FMLA after she has the baby. She only gets 3 weeks off by using up all her PTO and our company offered her the option of "quitting" on paper and then coming back. She refused and instead wanted to WFH for 4-6 weeks. We are scientists and do a lot of hands on work. I know why they won't let her WFH...who can work FT with a newborn and a toddler 3 weeks post partum? Especially when we only have about 4 hours worth of computer work to do a day anyway. She's pissed but she was also trying to go around the system.
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-03-03 03:56:43
ID: 66741
Going on 10 years now of having to put up with the department bully. Today was a rough day. I wish I could pound her hideous face into the ground.
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-03-03 00:26:32
ID: 66740
In response to a confession. Must be an elderly lady.. Lol.. I don't know anyone under the age of about 60 that has weekly hair appointments.
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