Posted by: anonymous
2021-04-05 20:02:28
ID: 66912
What is up with people today? Jesus H Christ in a sidecar! 24Hr turnaround is normal for emails and voicemails. Not 24 freaking minutes. I haven't even looked at your shit yet, you just brought it in a half hour ago!
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-04-05 16:49:36
ID: 66909
In response to a confession. I agree with you. My mailman has an illness, he calls out no less than 3 days a week. My neighbor says it's been like this for years. All of his fill-ins tend not to deliver my mail because my mailbox is on the side of my house instead of in front. I live on a corner. That mailbox has been in the same spot for over 50 years. 3-4 days a week my mail ends up being delivered at 8-9pm, days late, or at my neighbor's house. When I sold my house, my $57,000 check was put in her mailbox! Thank god she's honest. It puts too much stress on the other mail people filling in for him. He needs to let someone else take over his route and switch to part-time as a fill-in. I call to complain every time.
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-04-05 16:01:40
ID: 66907
I really don't care why you're taking time off work. If it affects me, it's my business. The time off, not the reason why. Don't care. But hey, man, if I have to work extra hours or do extra work because you're not here, that's most definitely my business. We've all got our shit. If you have issues and have to miss a bunch of work, maybe take a job where your absence won't negatively effect your coworkers. If you're just going through a rough patch, I'm there for you and will pick up the slack. If it's a lifestyle? No. Please. I have enough shit of my own and I don't need your shit compounding my shit, not long-term. I really try to keep my shit to a minimum. I'm not without compassion but it goes both ways.
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-04-04 21:17:56
ID: 66842
It's no one's business if someone takes a lot of time off of work. You don't know what they're going through physically or mentally. And you don't pay their bills. That's between the person and their boss. Maybe be supportive and offer them an encouraging word. I'm guilty of taking a lot of time off work. I have a lot of physical and mental issues. I go to therapy and am signing up for yoga. I'm trying my best.
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-04-04 21:06:48
ID: 66905
Is anyone here an insurance agent? I was looking into it for a career. Is it better to take online courses? And what sites? I googled insurance courses in my area and all it did was give me car insurance locations. Any advice? I have no idea what type of insurance to sell, I was thinking car since it's more popular but I'm open to any if there is a difference.
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-04-01 19:20:20
ID: 66897
I got poached for a job once. I didn't take it but I used it as leverage to get a raise where I already was. Which was a job I loved and still love. New job still would have been 10K/yr more but not worth it because of a lot of travel involved. I have a ten minute commute, a nice drive through the woods. I love my job. Like, a lot.
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-04-01 17:13:03
ID: 66896
In response to a confession. It depends on your field. I know several game software developers, and they all have jobs come to them. It is a small field, everybody knows everybody, and there is a shortage of good programmers. It is not unusual for a boss to gather up his employees, lay out what they want in a worker, and ask who they know who will fit well. These people get calls from old coworkers all the time. One friend has come out of retirement TWICE because awesome jobs landed in their lap.
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-03-31 19:40:36
ID: 66890
My husband just got a new job as a property manager for a HUGE parcel of private property on which he will maintain the houses and equipment, the roads, trails and the private freaking LAKE. Oh and the owners don't live there and don't even visit very often. DH is a manly man who likes things like tractors, backhoes, dump trucks, and the like. This place has ALL those types of 'toys' for him to play/work with. He's so excited he's giddy like a little kid. Oh, and they're completely cool with him fishing in their lake too. He's so lucky. LOL. What's funny about it is that they want ME to clean the houses before they come visit. Like it was a package deal, for both of us. Because apparently cleaning is women's work. I guess they missed the part that janitorial work was a large part of his last maintenance job. The man knows how to scrub a toilet. Now. If only I could get him to do it at home. Haha
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-03-31 04:21:30
ID: 66887
In response to a confession. My husband is also like this. He's been complaining about his job for 10 years, but does nothing to try to get a new one. Two times I've redone his resume, created accounts for him on job boards and posted the resume. He gets lots of responses but doesn't read the emails. It just so happened that he DID get a job offer from a client he worked with, but it entails moving to a different state. I have a child from a previous relationship who is still in college and DH knows we can't move anywhere until he's finished. So now he keeps complaining that he has this great job that he can't take.
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-03-30 02:04:16
ID: 66882
I found out today that my new coworker doesn't plan on getting the vaccine. She asked if work is requiring it. I'm really trying to withhold judgment, but I'm not sure how I feel about having to work closely with her. We're going to be working in schools soon.
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