Posted by: anonymous
2021-02-11 16:12:54
ID: 66636
Okay, this can't only happen to me: Software company creates a new 'better' software program and basically forces everyone to buy it by making prior versions obsolete (think QB forcing you to buy a new program every three years by no longer supporting payroll updates) and so you get the program, you're learning the new program, and you're having trouble making certain functions work that were seamless in the prior version. So... you call tech support, you wait an hour (or five) for a rep, you explain your issue.. and they have NO clue what you're talking about and ultimately the new program doesn't perform that function. Then you're told to send your 'idea' to their suggestion box. When they ALREADY had the idea and it worked fine in the prior version. I am going batshit crazy.
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-02-10 20:47:46
ID: 66626
OMG, just read your $%^#@! email! Instructions on how something should be done were spelled out to you at least 6 times, by 6 different people, in terms that a kindergartener can understand. READ THE WHOLE THING! Don't just read the first couple of sentences and then fire off a note saying, "Where are we supposed to get that information from?" It's in the email! You can literally cut and paste it! Every, single time.
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-02-10 17:03:58
ID: 66604
Any healthcare workers on here just totally fucking over people right now? People have been getting nastier and nastier over the past few months. I hung up on two last week for screaming at me. This morning, I get cussed out, and then the asshole has the balls to call me back and try to sweet talk me into changing the doctor's schedule to get her in. I'm not green to being a nurse. There are always assholes, but lately, something is in the water making people crazy.
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Posted by: hanginin
2021-02-09 20:45:42
ID: 66620
Holy shit, so I waited FIVE HOURS for this asshat to get on the tech support chatline and he finally shows up while I'm on a ten minute phone call and didn't notice he had finally responded..... and he ended my chat due to inactivity. HOLY SHIT. OMG worst customer service on planet earth.
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Posted by: hanginin
2021-02-09 18:51:54
ID: 66618
I've been in a chat queue for tech support for 3 hours and 40 minutes. I'm #2. I started out at #3. I cannot believe this. There's just no excuse.
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-02-07 23:53:44
ID: 66600
I'm taking a "train the trainer" class right now at work and it's so interesting. I've always thought I was OK at teaching but I'm realizing how I can improve and where I fall short.
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-02-07 00:48:34
ID: 66590
Our employee handbook tells us we get 8 1/2 paid holidays a year and they list them. However, we got an email from payroll that said that this year, we'll only get 6 1/2 paid holidays because 4th of July and Christmas Day fall on weekends. We don't get the following Monday off or anything....sorry, but that is some underhanded bullshit right there. I actually sent a screenshot of the handbook to payroll and told them they were screwing us out of two paid holidays by doing that. I don't think they seem to care.
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-02-05 15:57:30
ID: 66578
Jesus H. Here we go again. You told me yesterday you weren't coming in today and here the fuck you are anyway. WHY?
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-02-05 14:03:04
ID: 66577
In response to a confession. You know what I REALLY love is when they call back WHILE my boss is leaving them a long-winded voice mail. I don't know why he even bothers, but it's just so frustrating. "He's on another call, I'll have to ask him to call you back." Then I go in his office and he's like, "That's who I was just on the phone with leaving a voice mail." Stupid.
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-02-05 04:19:35
ID: 66568
In response to a confession. At least 50% of the calls I get from patients are just like this. I could get so much work done if it weren't for the "Um, yeah, you called me?" calls. I do not have time for the nonsense of lazy people. Listen to your fucking voicemail and get back with me, instead of sending me on a wild goose chase.
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