Posted by: anonymous
2021-06-28 19:46:45
ID: 67370
I literally hate some of my clients lying cheating greedy bastards. And this is on such a small scale, it's not even a blip on the radar. When I think about how bad they are, and the fact that they are the tiniest little minnow sized fish in a sea that has massive whales (like congress, Jeff Bezos, fucking *rump, etc) the whole thing just makes me so sick and angry and bitter and full of hate. I don't know how to deal with it.
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-06-28 01:55:54
ID: 67367
I regret not quitting sooner and staying in 1-2 years of indecisiveness when I know work was declining my mental health. The same for a relationship I knew would not work out. It was all tolerable, but still stressful as heck. I wish I trusted my gut. Now that I've put in my notice I'm happier than ever and new ideas are coming quickly.
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-06-27 23:15:06
ID: 67364
I'm so salty about the fact that our company doesn't give us a holiday on July 5th because "the actual holiday falls on the weekend". We also don't get a holiday for Christmas this year for the same reason. It's total bullshit and I think at least 70% of the company has complained to our HR/upper management about it and maybe they'll change it next year, but it's doubtful. It's the dumbest thing ever because I have to burn a day of PTO to be able to enjoy the day with my family.
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-06-25 01:09:57
ID: 67351
This influx of new clients can level the fuck off anytime. That'd be grrreeaaaaat. Cool that we're in high demand and all, but Jesus H Christ on a tripod, people.
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-06-23 03:48:22
ID: 67341
At work we're encouraged to get customers to sign up for credit cards, and the compensation is pretty good = $50 per approved application. There are some who literally make $1000+ extra a month! Many of us wondered how in the heck they're doing this, because we have a very boring script that you have to say VERBATIM, and if it's found out that you don't, you will lose your ability to participate in the program. WELL I just worked with a guy who makes tons of $ with the program. I see why. He goes WAY off script & outright lies about the benefits, even telling customers if they fill it out right there and give it back to him, they get extra bonus points - not true! AND he tells them to use the benefits (which are pretty major) ASAP and then cancel the card before one year so they don't have to pay the annual fee! I'm reporting him. Most struggle to get ONE app per month and here he's getting 30+ by lying and screwing the company.
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-06-19 23:18:27
ID: 67320
So I got chewed out by my boss for sending an email I probably shouldn't have. It pissed me off because a person in the company asked me to send them a file I had worked on before my team joined me. My boss got pissed that I didn't give them any credit for it. She wants us to abso-fucking-lutely everything as a damn team and I HATE it. I like working alone way more.
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-06-18 02:09:54
ID: 67308
In response to a confession. There's a BIG difference between asking HR if they could send him a link and "help him get his work email password changed." And I still think having your spouse literally do part of your job for you is just...wierd. And a little juvenile. And I work in cybersecurity for DHS, I know how the security works, since I actually work there and am not just married to someone who works there.
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-06-17 16:46:15
ID: 67290
In response to a confession. Thanks for the call-out, especially since you don't know exactly what my husband does. He does work for every major company you can think of as well as aerospace, medical research labs, every governmental department (FBI, SEC, TSA, Homeland Security, etc.) as well as embassies and military bases. Top Secret stuff in some cases, where they are not allowed to bring in even their company-issued phones. This is to prevent them from, say, taking photos or recording conversations which they could then use to pass on/sell information to other companies or governments. He can't even tell me what some projects are unless/until after the info has been released to the public. To clarify, I do not nor have ever had access to his work email or password - but I've had to contact HR to send him a link to his work email to reset the pw WHEN HE CAN, as well as for other things. Just because YOU don't have this experience doesn't mean it doesn't exist.
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-06-17 16:03:34
ID: 67289
How can you be late when you don't have a schedule? You don't have to be here at 9, I have to be here at 9. You just need to come here and get your work done, then you can leave. You're not late. You're never late. There's no such thing as late for you. Stop telling me you're sorry you're late. It's weird.
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-06-17 13:00:04
ID: 67276
In response to a confession. I call BS. I also work for a gov't contractor, some of those securtiy things may be true for some locations. But the fed gov't has provided me with a phone that is secure that I can use and is seperate from my personal cell. Also, no way in heaven or hell is the government going to give anyone other than the employer the employer's email password. No way. If I so much as told my spouse my password to ANYTHING in the gov't system, I would be fired. No probation, no warning, fired. Part of my job IS HR. And even when I worked in the private sector, I would not and could not give someone's password infromation or any other infromation to ANYONE other than employees. In many, even most, cases, that is illegal.
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