Posted by: anonymous
2021-04-19 14:25:37
ID: 67004
DH started his new job this morning caretaking for a 400 acre private property with houses and roads and a lake. His first project? Climbing onto the roof of each of the houses and outbuildings to clean them off (pine needles and whatnot). He's there alone. There's no cell service. Am I crazy to be really worried about this? I am kind of hating this right now. I know he's not going to put on a harness. If he was climbing a tree or a utility pole, he would. But not for a roof.
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-04-18 22:48:18
ID: 66997
Weekends are never long enough. Ugh. Luckily I have some vacation next week that I'm drains my batteries so damn much lately.
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-04-17 17:38:15
ID: 66988
After sitting with the issue, I'm now getting excited about leaving. I know my heart no longer felt inspired or challenged by the work plus l health was declining for all the stress. I'm thinking about the next chapter and I have trust it will be better!
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-04-14 03:53:27
ID: 66979
In response to a confession. Back from vacation and had a really honest talk with my manager about next steps at work whether that's continuing to try to work through current challenges with an action plan or moving on. Work is getting so busy and they someone FT, but I'm not ready to go back to FT. Work has been incredibly stressful, but it's really hard for me to walk away because I'm not confident enough put myself back on the job market. However, I am unhappy at work and know it's time go by end of June. I got teary-eyed talking with her because I'm so sick of all these changes at work. Instability triggers me since I grew up in a chaotic household.
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-04-11 22:29:16
ID: 66967
In response to a confession. Side note: that ex-friend who worked the FMLA system got disability, and some kind of back pay and she didn’t even tell her DH. He got a call at work one day. It was her, calling to tell him she’d rented a trailer and had a ‘friend’ help her clean out the house and she was on the road and moving 1000 miles away. Took the dog and everything in the house. She sent him divorce papers (she had filed when she got her first check) and even sent a pre-addressed envelope to a PO Box in another state so he could sign and return them.
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-04-10 23:33:25
ID: 66960
I have a new coworker who is a lot younger than me. It's fun though because he's almost young enough to be my son. And he actually respects me and works with me to help me out on stuff and he LISTENS to me! It's amazing. I guess I don't get that kind of respect at home so it's nice that I get it at work.
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-04-10 11:03:19
ID: 66952
On the subject of FMLA: I had to use two weeks of it several years ago to be with my Mom, who was dying. I’m pretty sure that’s the kind of thing it was meant to be used for. My (ex) friend, however, used it one or two days at a time, then a week at a time, then a month at a time for almost two years. She’s a hypochondriac so had what she swore were legit reasons. She was seeing doctors three times a week because she kept her insurance. In reality she was playing the disability game. When her employer finally told her to shit or get off the pot she got a lawyer (who she had contacted a year earlier) and got on disability. She’s currently living in another state collecting disability and welfare money because she’s her dad’s caregiver. She’s working the system on that, too.
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-04-07 13:08:55
ID: 66937
In response to a confession. Two weeks sounds like a rough patch, not a lifestyle. Same with maternity leave, it's temporary. If it's gone on for several months or even years (which I have witnessed), then it's no longer just a rough patch, and it's YOUR responsibility to talk to the boss about getting someone to cover your workload (Isn't this discussed when you apply for FMLA? Honest question, I've never used it.) or YOU should find a more appropriate job. Seriously, you cannot expect coworkers to just take up your slack forever and ever. (Nor should the boss.) But two weeks because you're having health issues? I got your back to the best of my ability. We all need a little help and compassion and understanding sometimes.
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-04-06 02:26:42
ID: 66922
In response to a confession. Preach! I feel ya 100%. I get that people have issues, physical and otherwise, and other things going on in their lives, but if you can't do your job you shouldn't be there. Plain and simple.
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-04-05 22:48:29
ID: 66918
In response to a confession. This. You don't know anyone's situation. I had to take 2 weeks FMLA to deal with an illness/treatments I'm going through. Trust me, my boss and I discussed it and she knows I have to be gone more often than I usually would. That's what FMLA is for; medical or family leave that you DON'T GET PAID FOR. So MYOB and if it's affecting your workload, ask your boss about hiring some back up or temp people to help you out or else they need to lower their productivity standards. People never seem to question women out on mat leave FMLA, but if it's for other things it's suddenly an issue.
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