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Posted by: anonymous
2023-05-20 23:57:49
ID: 68667
Intake went super well! Property manager was amazing to speak with and said my chances are good because there are still affordable units left! I have to wait 1-3 weeks for income and employment verifications to process then will hopefully be getting the call. One step closer to get my dream apt!! Please let this happen. Will cry happy tears!
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Posted by: anonymous
2023-05-19 13:25:32
ID: 68664
Thanks all for your "faves" and "hugs" below. I have an intake interview for a new apartment building this weekend. Please, please let everything go well! I have to move out. We've had bugs here since January and she's hardly doing anything about it. Disgusting!
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Posted by: anonymous
2023-04-23 23:05:43
ID: 68654
As soon as I get my first paycheck, I am going to find my own place and move the eff out.
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Posted by: anonymous
2023-04-23 23:04:09
ID: 68653
Housing drama…I thought it was over. The landlord wants to rent out the spare bedroom even the house is already small to a family member who is a middle aged married man Mon-Thu. I would be alone with him since she’s gone during the week. Wtf? She is looking to make extra money I guess and have someone help watch her parents when she’s gone during the week. Still very strange and seems out of the blue, but I noticed she started clearing spare bedroom last weekend but didn’t say anything until today. When I get my first paycheck, I’m getting my own apartment and get out of here.
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Posted by: anonymous
2023-03-05 18:10:16
ID: 68634
So tired of getting those bogus texts from Amazon claiming my account has been suspended.
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Posted by: anonymous
2023-01-19 13:29:44
ID: 68623
In response to a confession. I did and it was negative. Thank you for the suggestion! I didn’t realize there were new symptoms out. Pregnancy was negative too. I managed to lose 7 pounds, but now I’m bleeding randomly. I haven’t had a cycle for a year, so it’s weird. I guess it’s some hormone fluctuations but I don’t know what could cause it. I guess I need to make an ob appt. Sometimes having girl parts is so exhausting.
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Posted by: anonymous
2023-01-16 01:44:07
ID: 68621
We live in Florida. We have (and love) visitors throughout the winter. Some help with meals and take us out to eat; some have sent flowers as a thank you….then there’s the current visitors. No help, no offers to pay for meals, and I even got a request to do laundry today. The excuse? ‘We’re on vacation, which means we just get to hang out and do nothing.’ I think I can safely say that this will be their last vacation at our house.
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Posted by: anonymous
2023-01-04 21:41:38
ID: 68617
In response to a confession. Did you test for covid? I just read today that the newest variant includes symptoms of joint pain, including back and shoulders.
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Posted by: anonymous
2023-01-04 16:53:42
ID: 68616
Idk what’s wrong with me. I’ve picked up the slack and been both parents for years. I’ve always been the one that does everything. Now that’s he’s finally making an effort and actually paying attention to me, remembering what I say, being kind to the kids and me, doing household chores, etc. he just grosses me out. I can see he’s trying, but my whole self is saying no. Now I’m the problem and I don’t know how to fix it.
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Posted by: anonymous
2023-01-03 20:38:17
ID: 68615
I’ve gained 15 pounds in 3 weeks. I didn’t change anything at all. Eating, drinking, exercise (lack there of), nothing. And everything is achy. My joints hurt so badly, especially my shoulders. I’m on the implant birth control and my H is snipped, but I’m going to get a test tomorrow. I don’t know what I’ll do if it’s positive. I’d rather die than have more kids.
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