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Posted by: anonymous
2021-07-06 22:29:57
ID: 67398
In response to a confession. I'm 49 and at the age where a lot of my friends are getting divorced since kids are older. With the exception of one, all of their marriages ended because women were tired of carrying all of the load, especially the mental load. And in just about every case, their husbands were shocked, SHOCKED, that their wives were that unhappy or that there was a problem. They're all like, "Why didn't you say something?" Seriously? They've been saying something for the past 20 years. They got tired of saying something and they shouldn't even have to. It's not like you didn't see laundry, grocery shopping, and making dinner getting done. And emptying the dishwasher twice a week is not exactly equal to her doing it every other f-in time along with everything else. Yeah, I'd think everything was fine too if someone did everything but wipe my ass for me too. But that's not a partnership.
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-07-06 10:30:20
ID: 67396
I have ADHD and something I've noticed lately is that a lot of the organisational/coping/general life stuff type advice I've read always starts with "women tend to have more on their plate, they're working fulltime and taking the lion's share of the responsibility for the home and kids." Then it will proceed to give you five handy ways to "fix" yourself. None of which involve getting your husband to step up to the plate and do more of the fucking work. I'm actually getting a bit tired of trying to cram my neurodivergent ass into this shitty society we're living in. I don't even have kids and I feel completely overwhelmed constantly. I just feel so fucking tired of everything.
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-07-05 16:28:13
ID: 67393
In response to a confession. He can only take away stuff you like if you let him. From this confession, it sounds like he has all the power and control in the marriage. F all that!
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-07-03 20:57:14
ID: 67390
I'm so angry right now. DH told me that I "can't burn candles in the house" anymore. I buy the big jar candles and I only burn them when I'm watching them. He is paranoid that the house will burn down. He also told me that when my dog dies, we can't get another dog. I'm pissed because I feel like he's taking away everything I like in life just because he doesn't like it.
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-07-03 17:47:42
ID: 67388
In response to a confession. Neighbor's dog charged at DH again. He was in the pool (we share a pool) so DH splashed the dog. Dog came right up to pool and was a few feet away from DH and DD. Neighbor comes out yelling at DH not to splash the dog "because he can't reach you in the pool" He tells the neighbor he dosen't want the (unfriendly with bite history ) large dog to think its acceptable to charge at him. Neighbor brought dog back in house.
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-07-03 03:33:39
ID: 67220
In response to a confession. While I don't necessarily disagree with you, I choose my battles. And I love my husband, I even loved him when he never saw things through like he said he would. That's probably why I put up with so much crap. Seriously, I can't help but wonder if ALL (or at least most) relationships have one person that puts up with crap because they love their partner. This whole 'not a great partner' thing isn't exclusive to men. I'm sure, also, that there are a host of other reasons people put up with crap. Women especially, within our patriarchal system. Hey, at least we can have our own bank accounts now and own property! *eyeroll*
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-07-03 00:13:09
ID: 67387
I had a patient this week, who, until he had covid in January was a super healthy 45 year old. Didn't smoke or drink. Exercised regularly, etc. Since recovering from the virus, he's developed blood clots in his heart and recently had a splenic infarct. He reminds me so much of my husband. Talking to him and his wife this week broke my heart. They're so scared. People have no idea the shit this virus can do to a human body, especially the cardiovascular system.
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-07-02 08:13:29
ID: 67385
Our area just added another recycling bin to the four we already have. I wouldn't mind if they were actually recycling plastic, but 76% of it is ending up in landfill anyway. It actually annoys the crap out of me that they're duping people into thinking most plastic gets recycled when that's not the case. I do separate my waste and I'm happy to use the right bins, but what is the actual point in having a plastic bin when most of it goes to landfill anyway? It's almost like they're trying to fool the public by pretending to actually do fuck all for the environment.
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-07-01 23:17:05
ID: 67384
Can the whole covid argument be moved to current events please?
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-07-01 12:45:46
ID: 67380
In response to a confession. BTW - NO vaccine stops everyone from getting the disease it protects against. That's not how vaccines work. But since you're so smart, you must already know that. Oh, wait...
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